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October 8, 2015

Release: Data License package for Micro-Credentials Study—a much “deeper dive” into the findings from our new Making Professional Learning Count public report, below. The public report contains summary information of interest to educators, parents and policy makers. The corporate package includes almost 350 pages of data, and an 85 page presentation-style report. Topics covered include professional development practices, relationship between professional development and micro-credentials, teacher interest in micro-credentials, and a profile of the most likely users. Micro-Credentials Study

October 1, 2015

Release of our public report on teacher professional development and micro-credentials, Making Professional Learning Count: Recognizing Educators’ Skills with Micro-credentials, conducted with Digital Promise. The study informs creation of new professional development and micro-credentialing programs by focusing on the teacher perspective. It was based on a survey using a nationally representative sample of 856 teachers. Topics covered include teacher awareness of micro-credentials, teacher interest in micro-credentials, and the relationship between micro-credentials and professional development.

May 19, 2015

Striking a Chord is our public study on music education, conducted with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). The study is intended to inform the national debate around curriculum priorities by focusing on parent and teacher attitudes towards music education. The report is based on a survey using nationally representative samples of 1,000 teachers and 800 students. Topics covered include the benefits of music education, trade-offs between music education and other subjects, identifying supporters of music education and funding. A deeper dive into findings of interest to business is available through our detailed Music Education Market Research Report.

September 2, 2014

Our new Assessment Market Report will help businesses respond to the extraordinary changes taking place in assessment. The study is based on a survey using nationally representative samples of more than 1,000 teachers, 200 school district administrators, and more than 1,000 students. It is intended especially for those working on corporate strategy, product development and marketing /communications. Learn more about licensing the detailed Assessment Market Research Report.

May 6, 2014

Make Assessment Matter, our latest study conducted with NWEA, is one of the only efforts to bring the voice of students into the national assessment debate. The study looks at uses, perceptions and aspirations around education assessment. Based on large national surveys of students, teachers, and school district administrators, the study builds on For Every Child, Multiple Measures, our first study conducted with NWEA and released in 2012. The landscape has shifted dramatically since our earlier study. With new standards, accountability assessments and ways of evaluating the impact of teachers on student achievement, we wanted to gauge student and educator awareness of the changes, and understand what value—if any—they perceive in educational testing.

May 2, 2013

Living and Learning with Mobile Devices a new study by Grunwald Associates and the Learning First Alliance uncovers parents’ perceptions of mobile learning in and out of the classroom. Technology is rapidly changing how and where students learn–and parents’ perceptions of technology in the classroom can help encourage adoption at a faster rate. According to a new study by Grunwald Associates and the Learning First Alliance, underwritten by AT&T, more than half of parents believe that schools should make more use of mobile devices in education. Learn more about the detailed market research report.

You can also view the original press release announcing the study.

November 29, 2012

Student Performance in Career and Technical Education. Industrial-era “vocational education” is being transformed into more robust career and technical education (CTE), aiming to integrate academic, employability and technical skills. In order to better understand the relationship between CTE and student outcomes, we analyzed Florida’s Career and Professional Education program data provided by the Florida State Department of Education.

February 8, 2012

Release of For Every Child, Multiple Measures, our study on perceptions of K-12 education assessment with NWEA, accompanied by an Infographic and Video. After a decade of increased high-stakes testing, the world of education assessment is undergoing dramatic changes. What do parents, teachers and district administrators really want from assessments? To address these and related questions, we surveyed large representative samples of parents, teachers, and district decision makers.

January 2012

We’re continuing our research on government investment in innovation, including a study on the effectiveness of Small Business Innovation Grants (SBIR) across multiple Federal agencies for the National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council.

November 1, 2011

Release of EDUCAUSE College Student Technology Study and infographic, a report created with EDUCAUSE based on our survey of college student technology use and attitudes. In addition to student technology use, we explored undergraduate views on how -- and how well -- their institutions are integrating technology.

October 2011

Ongoing education community building as part of part of the project team working on Connected Online Communities of Practice for the U.S. Department of Education. Our work includes, the education community managers network and our education community news-sharing group on Facebook. The site hosts the project's initial report, key issue briefs, an innovation exchange, and a growing interactive directory of education communities, including detailed profiles of some of the most notable.

June 17, 2011

Feature article in THE Journal summarizing results from our annual survey of teachers' use of media and technology (with Rob Lippincott, Sr. VP at PBS).

February 2, 2011

Release of the PBS 2011 Public Survey Report from the eighth Annual PBS Survey of Education Media & Technology conducted by Grunwald Associates LLC. The study examines pre-K-12 educators’ use of — and demand for — media and technology. The PBS News Release is also available.

June 28, 2010

Educators, Technology and 21st Century Skills. This report explores the interplay between technology and a variety of key educational objectives. It presents finding from a national survey of teachers and administrators commissioned by Walden University (part of Laureate Education).

March 24, 2010

Release of An Open Source Platform for Internet-based Assessment. The report synthesizes findings from a study sponsored by the Educational Testing Service. The study included over 80 interviews with state assessment and education technology decision-makers (representing 27 states) along with national education opinion leaders.

January 5, 2010

Release of the PBS Public Survey Report from the seventh Annual PBS Survey of Education Media & Technology conducted by Grunwald Associates LLC. The study examines K-12 educators’ use of — and attitudes towards — media and technology. And for the first time, this year’s survey was expanded to include Pre-K educators. The PBS News Release is also available.

December 2009

Using Surveys to Predict the Future of Social Media, in the December 2009 issue of C&R Research’s “The Beat” magazine. Our brief article addresses our social media survey findings and looks at the future.


We are now promoting a website that we designed and created for the National Science Foundation highlighting best practices in ‘citizen science’ and informal science education.

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